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updated 9/2014
DMS header STW
Driving Directions:
Take Exit #19 off of Interstate 81.
From the north, turn left at the end of the ramp onto Rt. 11
From the south, turn right at end of ramp onto Rt. 11.
Keep straight at the traffic light and stay on Rt. 58 (Jeb Stuart Hwy)
Travel approximately 8 miles making a right turn onto Rt.757 (Government Rd).
Damascus Middle School will be on the right.                     

School building
School Safety

All visitors to DMS are required to use the front
entrance to the
building and must report to the
office upon entrance. A video/buzzer
entrance system is used, and all visitors
must identify themselves and the reason for
their visit.
                                                news              calendar                     
              at the exciting events ahead!
Sept. 29.....Football vs Rural Retreat - 5:30 p.m. AWAY
Sept. 29.....Volleyball vs Rural Retreat - 5:00 p.m. AWAY
Sept. 30.....Volleyball vs Rural Retreat - 5:00 p.m. HOME
Oct. 1.........NetSmart program in forum during afternoon exploratories.
Oct. 2.........Volleyball vs. Chilhowie - 4:30 p.m. AWAY
Oct. 3.........6th Farm Field Day
Oct. 6.........Football vs Northwood - 5:30 p.m. HOME
Oct. 6.........Volleyball vs Scott Memorial - 5:00 p.m. HOME
Oct. 6-10....Fire Prevention Week
Oct. 6-10....Homecoming Week
Oct. 6.........Camo Day
Oct. 7.........Wild & Crazy Day
Oct. 7.........Volleyball vs Wallace - 5:00 p.m. AWAY
Oct. 8.........Twin Day
Oct. 8.........Jr. All County Chorus Auditions
Oct. 9.........Rainbow Day - 6th-red/orange, 7th-yellow/green, 8th-blue/purple
Oct. 10.......Spirit Day - Wear Red/Black/White
Oct. 10.......6th Life Skills
Oct. 10.......Homecoming Dance/Pep Rally - 1:00 p.m.
Oct. 13.......End 1st Nine Weeks
Oct. 13.......2-hr. Early Dismissal
Oct. 13-17..National School Lunch Week
Jr. Washington County Community Scholars Student Volunteer Form

DMS Student art work

WEBATHON Fundraiser

Flu Vaccine

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Just look for pink Box Tops on products,
clip them, tape or glue them to the collection
sheet and send to school.
Our school will be sending in the Box Tops we've   collected by November 3.

For more information on the BTFE program,
including a list of participating products and
our school’s progress,  click on the Box Tops
logo above.           


Click on the logo above to register your Food
City Value Card for Damascus Middle School. 

Or, at the checkout counter, just give the DMS number                        40890.

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Sixth-Grade chorus presents program!

On Monday, September 22, students in Ms. Sue Spirup’s sixth-grade Chorus Exploratory class entertained us with songs from the past.  During the six-week class, Ms. Spirup followed the scope and sequence of the social studies curriculum, and the students learned songs from pre-Civil War times through the Civil War and Westward Expansion.  The program opened with Francis Scott Key’s “The Star Spangled Banner” and included light-hearted songs like “Goober Peas,” as well as more serious war-time songs like “The Battle Hymn of the Republic." Students who performed were as follows:  Sam A., Hayley B., Bryce C., Stacy D., Kaiden F., William F., Kay Leigh H., Austin L., Kayla M., Aspen P., and Christian W.  Through this unit, students were able to expand not only their musical awareness but also their social studies knowledge.  

Damascus Middle School Library
Hosts Scholastic Book Fair!

During the week of September 8-11, the Damascus Middle School Library was filled with new books, bright posters, and fun school supplies for sale to benefit the library program.  On Friday, September 5, grandparents attending our Grandparents’ breakfast were given a Sneak Peek at the Book Fair, and then throughout the following week, students were given opportunities to browse the Scholastic Book Fair and make wish lists, shop, and win free books.  Open House was held on Thursday evening, and every student who attended Open House had a chance to win one of five free books! The five lucky recipients were as follows: Austin L., sixth-grader; Connor B. and Carson B., seventh-graders; and Amber H. and Elizabeth S., eighth-graders!  These students chose one of their favorite books from the fair, with selections ranging from a book about Minecraft to a biography of Austin Mahone.  The Damascus Middle School Library program will definitely benefit from each student, parent, and grandparent who supported our Book Fair!

Team Intense Visits
Damascus Middle School!

On Wednesday, September 17, Damascus Middle School students, faculty, and staff were challenged to meet obstacles with strength and courage by Team Intense!  With music blasting and muscles bulging, Team Intense members Josh Whisneant and Kenneth Etta shared their physical and mental strength while talking about the importance of making good choices in life.  After bending an iron bar, Etta encouraged students to “be a buddy, not a bully.”  When he requested the strongest boy and girl in the audience, students selected eighth-grader Mason L. and seventh-grader Ivy H. to each attempt to tear a phone book in half. When they were unable to accomplish this, Etta pointed out that even the strongest can’t do much without help.  With his help, both Mason and Ivy accomplished this feat almost effortlessly!  After dousing his audience with soda from cans that he ripped apart with his bare hands, Whisneant surprised them when he stated that they were not born winners.  However, he empowered them when he went on to say that they were each born choosers, with the strength to choose what they wanted to do in life.  The hope of Team Intense is that their audience was not only impressed by the amazing feats of strength we witnessed but that we were also inspired to make good choices in our own lives!

Two Damascus Middle School Students
Win Writing Contest!

Two seventh-grade students at Damascus Middle School were selected as winners in the 2014 Sherwood Anderson Short Story Contest!  Sponsored by the Smyth-Bland Regional Library each year to honor the birth of Sherwood Anderson, a writer who lived near Troutdale, Virginia, the contest encourages short story writing about rural or small-town America.  First-place winner Carson B. wrote about a boy from New York who, against his will, visits family in Damascus, Virginia one summer.  After watching the Hiker Parade during Trail Days and enjoying other activities in his grandparents’ small town, he decides he wants to visit every summer!  Second-place winner Hali R. wrote what she describes as, “a sad story” about the death of the main character’s mother and how the young lady copes during difficult times.  Sixth-grade teacher Mrs. Renee Sanders helped her students enter their stories in the Sherwood Anderson Short Story Contest at the end of the school year.  Both students were thrilled to learn their stories were winners, and each was excited to receive a monetary prize for his/her work!
Spanish I Students Discover Purpose for Learning Spanish

Señor Austin Holmes, son of Glade Spring Middle School principal, Mr. Kelly Holmes, and Damascus Middle School teacher, Mrs. Robin Holmes, recently visited Spanish I students at both schools to share lessons he learned from his study abroad in Peru.  In addition to his complete immersion in the Spanish language, he gained knowledge of the culture, climate, and people that supplemented the knowledge acquired through his Spanish classes at Virginia Military Institute.  Holmes shared the amazing parts of his trip, like the magnificent examples of architecture, the beauty of the landscape, and the ingenuity of the people.  He also shared the parts of his trip that made him more appreciative of the amenities we enjoy in the United States, like flushing toilet paper, heating and cooling systems, and trash collection.  To conclude his presentation, Holmes encouraged the students to learn Spanish as a means to communicate and develop peaceful relationships with people from other cultures in order to work together to better our world!  Holmes’s presentation provided a wonderful example of the point of learning other languages; a lesson Ms. Obregon hopes her Spanish I students take to heart!

Sixth-grade scientist learn 
the importance of observation!

Students in Mrs. Donna Musick’s sixth-grade science classes learned that sometimes hypotheses are not what they are “cracked up to be.”  Mrs. Musick began class on Friday, September 26 with instructions for students to use their prior knowledge to describe an egg.  Even though the students were able to do so, they found that their descriptions were much more precise when they were allowed to carefully observe the egg.  After cracking the egg, the students made more observations and learned the parts of an egg.  As a concluding activity, Mrs. Musick asked the students to develop a hypothesis to explain what would happen if she dropped the egg accidentally, and most students predicted that the egg would crack open when it hit the floor, making a huge mess.  However, when Mrs. Musick dropped the egg, their hypothesis was wrong!  The students learned that careful observation (which in this case would have allowed the students to realize that the egg had been boiled), is a very vital part of the scientific method!

Damascus Middle School Students
Participate in the Washington County Fair

Damascus Middle School was well-represented at the 2014 Washington County Fair!  Students Ashley J., 7th grade, and Madison R., 8th grade, performed at the School Day at the Fair Talent Showcase on Friday, September 12.  Both girls shared talents they have been developing through many years of practice; Ashley presented an energetic gymnastics routine, and Madison an exciting clogging routine!  In addition to enjoying the talents presented at the Talent Showcase, students in attendance at School Day at the Fair could participate in fun and educational activities, led by teachers in the county.  Students who completed these activities were entered in a Duck Race to win prizes, and the two middle school winners both are Damascus Middle School students, Catilyn C. and Eric T.!  In keeping with the fair’s theme this year, which was, “Have You Herd about the Fun at the Washington County Fair?” art teacher Ms. Jennifer Smith coordinated the decoration of our school’s cow with school colors. The Washington County Fair Parade was on Saturday, September 13, and two students, Nathan M. and Anna Blake W., represented Damascus Middle School in this event.  The Washington County Fair provides a wonderful opportunity for students to share their time and talents with our community!

Damascus Middle School Cafeteria
Hosts a "Grand" Breakfast!

(8th grader Ethan P. enjoys breakfast with his Papaw T!)

In honor of National Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 7, the Damascus Middle School Cafeteria gave students the opportunity to treat their grandparents to breakfast at “Grits ‘n Gravy with Gramps ‘n Gran” on Friday, September 5!  Breakfast included grits and gravy, of course, as well as biscuits, chicken, sausage, French toast sticks, fruit, yogurt, and cereal.  Thirty-five grandparents joined their grandchildren for good food and a special time of celebrating the important role many grandparents play in the development of their grandchildren!  This event was made possible by our wonderful cafeteria staff, consisting of Cafeteria Manager Darlene French, Daisy Hawthorne, Joyce Tester, Roberta Walls, and Eula Widener.  Breakfast with “Gramps ‘n Gran” was certainly a grand way for students to begin their day!

Damascus Middle School News Crew
Gets the Day Started

The 2014-2015 Damascus Middle School News Crew began work this week!  Composed of anchors Caleb C., Gracie S., Jake S., and Drew W.; cameraman Ethan G.; technician Hanna D.; and weatherwoman Jenna G., the crew is responsible for everything required to run a news show.  After leading the school in observing the Moment of Silence and saying the Pledge of Allegiance, the crew puts together a lively show of important morning announcements, including the lunch menu, birthdays, the word of the day, school events, and the daily weather forecast.  The process of becoming a member of the News Crew began while these eighth-graders were still in seventh grade and consisted of their submission of an application, which included three references from teachers.  Principal Dixie Hunter then looked at the students’ grades, attendance, and discipline records to select the seven members of the Damascus Middle School News Crew.  We look forward to beginning each day with them!  

Mission Statement
Our mission, in partnership with our community, is to develop lifelong learners and responsible citizens who will become positive contributors to our society. Our goal is for each student to reach success through the development of his/her fullest potential.

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