Agriscience Class Welcomes a Special Guest

On Friday, October 20, the eighth-grade Agriscience class at Damascus Middle School had a special guest. The students have been studying the care and breeds of small animals. Small Animal Care is a huge part of the agricultural sciences due to so much demand for veterinarians, groomers, animal behaviorists, and other careers in the industry. After covering all the different breeds of cats and dogs, the students learned about the different breeds of rabbits. There are three classifications of rabbits--meat, fur, and fancy. Rabbits are also grouped into five size categories--dwarf, small, medium, large, and extra-large (getting up to 25 pounds!) As part of learning how to care for rabbits, Mrs. Rhudy brought in her pet Lionhead rabbit, Dupont "Dewey." The students were able to learn about Dewey's digestive system and how rabbits are coprophagus (in order to get needed nutrients, they will eat their own poop).  Students also trimmed Dewey's nails, brushed his fur, examined his teeth, and took him for a walk outside. It is always nice to have such well-behaved interesting special guests!