Criminal Justice Club at Damascus Middle School Learns Officers “Take a Bite out of Crime”

Damascus Middle School welcomes both a new School Resource Officer, Officer Bobby Justus, and a new club, the Criminal Justice Club, this school year!  After learning about Sir Robert Peel and his principles of policing during their last club meeting, club members focused on one of these principles on Thursday, October 25.  Special guests, Deputy Chris Cumbow and his partner Tray, a German shepherd, and Deputy Wes Wright and his partner Webster, a bloodhound, helped club members understand two important tasks involved in police work, apprehending violent suspects and finding missing people.  For the first demonstration, SRO Justus acted the role of a dangerous criminal on the run, and Tray apprehended him through the use of commands given by Deputy Cumbow.  Luckily for SRO Justus, Tray does an amazing job of obeying the commands to release when the suspect is no longer a threat.  In the second demonstration, Webster used a scent to track a missing person, a valuable tool to have when looking for a lost child or elderly person.  Club members really enjoyed these demonstrations and realized that policing does sometimes literally “take a bite out of crime!”