Damascus Middle School’s Cade M. Wins DAR Essay Contest

Cade M., a student at Damascus Middle School, was the seventh-grade winner of the Washington County Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Essay Contest.  This year’s topic was “Celebrating a Century: America’s National Parks,” and Cade wrote a travel journal from the perspective of a person visiting Yellowstone National Park.  In addition to details about the history of the park, Cade’s narrator provides vivid descriptions of the many recreational activities available at Yellowstone, like hiking, kayaking, fishing, and eco-touring.  He also richly describes several of the animals one might see when visiting Yellowstone.  Cade’s essay was such a realistic depiction of Yellowstone National Park, a reader might believe Cade has visited there himself.  Amazingly, Cade has not visited Yellowstone in person; his wonderful writing came from a vicarious trip he took to the park through the research that he did!