Damascus Middle School Celebrates Excellent Attendance

On Friday, March 22, Damascus Middle School held the third-quarter attendance assembly in order to reward students for excellent attendance!  Each student who had missed eight or fewer days was entered into a prize drawing for prizes ranging from Dunkin' Donut gift cards, to insulated coffee mugs filled with candy, to Abingdon Cinemall movie tickets, to Just Jump passes.  The following students were rewarded for their excellent attendance: Josh B., Jesse B., Alyssa B., Matthew B., Sydney B., Dillon B., Dustin B., Hayvan B., Emily C., Mason C., Cole C., Deitrick C., Kaylie C., Savanna D., Colin D., Jacob D., Ashley D., Connor F., Martin G., Luke G., Bryson H., Colby H., Walker H., Holden M., Joseph M., Ashton M., Hayden M., Colt M., Kynlea M., Kaden M., Bernadette M., Haydin N., Destiny N., Zachary N., Maya O., Bailey P., Brycen R., Landon S., Alex S., Mattie S., Kolby S., Matt S., Sarah S., Riley S., Alex S., Isabelle S., Nick T., Carley T., Nikkolai T., Cameron T., Addie W., Blakeley W., Ciera W., and Colton W.  All students with perfect attendance for third quarter received a Dairy Queen coupon for a free blizzard.  Hopefully, these prize incentives, as well as the academic benefits of good attendance, will encourage Damascus Middle School students to continue to strive for 95% attendance as we finish the school year strong!