Damascus Middle School Celebrates Excellent Attendance

On Tuesday, May 21, students at Damascus Middle School attended the final attendance assembly, with 164 of these students excitedly hoping to win the grand prize of a $250 Walmart gift card!  Students had to be present to win, and lots of students won a variety of other prizes.  Thirteen students had perfect attendance for the entire school year, and from these a drawing was held for two $25 Amazon gift cards.  Nick Taylor and Erica Adams were thrilled to receive these!  In addition, 76 students had perfect attendance for the fourth quarter and received a coupon for a free blizzard from Dairy Queen. 

James D., Colin D., Destiny N., Emily H., Madeline S., Connor F., Jackson W., Colt M., Jaycie P., Caleb C., Adam L., Sadie L., Levi S., Parker L., Sadie M., Dustin S., Erica A., Kaylie C., Maggie M., Gracie F., Shaydun K., Angel C., Sarah S., Monica L., Rylee S., Alex L., Matthew B., Ethan B., Martina S., Ashton K., Brandon E., Ashley S., Hayden S., Cheyenne M., Baylee D., Amanda S., Ashley G., Dylan J., Aiden N., and Mattie S. each won a treat from Chick-Fil-A.  Hannah M., Alex S., Hyder F., Hunter B., Braedon L., Savanna D., Anthony D., Noah T., Jesse D., and Sophie S. each received a free cheesebread from Pizza Inn.  Cups filled with candy were given to Walker H., Lauryn M., Courtney J., and Kaley W.  Lance T. and Ashton M. won $5 gift cards from Dunkin’, and Raygan J. won a $10 gift card from Walmart.  Joseph M., Sydney B., Abby P., Alexa T., Pearl W., Gabe F., Haydin N., Shasta W., Emma S., and Colton W. will be excited to use their free day pool passes at the Damascus Pool this summer.  Brian C. received two free movie passes with a large popcorn and drink from Abingdon Cinemall.  The grand prize winner was Lily P. who may take some of her friends shopping at Walmart!