Damascus Middle School Celebrates National Library Week

Throughout the week of April 9-13, designated as National Library Week, students at Damascus Middle School were reminded of the importance of books and libraries to our lives!  With daily announcements, a display of staff members’ favorite books, and two contests, librarian Mrs. Valerie Cox encouraged students to visit the DMS library.  Students could enter to win R.J. Palacio’s heartwarming book Wonder by answering the following question:  “How has a library, a librarian, or a book led you to a new understanding, a new hobby, or new information?”  Answers included, “Maximum Ride has encouraged me to live my life to the fullest;” “Divergent gives you the message to be brave;” and “I learned from Wonder to choose kindness and you will be treated kind also.”  Winner Izzy P. has read every book the DMS library has about children with disabilities, so she was very excited to receive her own copy of Wonder!  Students could also guess the number of “bookworms” in a jar; winner Alexa T. took home 128 gummy worms, thanks to her lucky guess!  Hopefully, this week helped students realized how blessed we are to have libraries and books in our schools.