Damascus Middle School SCA Members Work Together

Members of the Damascus Middle School Student Cooperative Association (SCA) participated in a team-building activity at the Puzzle Escape Quest on Thursday, November 8.  The SCA was divided into three groups, and each group worked  together to decipher clues in order to escape from one of the rooms at the Puzzle Escape Quest within the hour time limit.  The competition among groups was intense; however, the cooperation between the individuals in each group was incredible.  Luckily, all three groups were able to solve their puzzles, almost within the time frame.  DMS Bookkeeper and Puzzle Escape Quest owner Mrs. Amanda Barger provided some additional clues along the way.  This field trip provided SCA members with not only an exciting evening but also an opportunity to get to know new members with whom they will be working as they do various projects throughout the school year.  SCA sponsors are Mrs. Lisa Blackburn and Mrs. Amy Caywood.