Damascus Middle School Sixth-Graders Play the Stock Market Game

Each year, after learning about the boom of the stock market during the Roaring 20’s, students in Mr. Joe Preston’s sixth-grade social studies classes have the opportunity to play the Stock Market themselves.  Through the Stock Market Game, the students gain a basic understanding of investing and are excited to see how their investments do after six weeks.  Austin H., Mikayla M., and Cameron T. did very well with their investments in Google, Apple, and Facebook, having selected these companies because “a lot of people use” their products.  Emily R. was the top investor, making $10,500, largely due to her savvy investment in Revlon.  She chose Revlon, because “a lot of girls have a lot of make-up and mom has a lot of make-up.”  Emily was thrilled to receive a silver dollar and plans to save it!