Damascus Middle School Student Helps Keep the Trail Safe

Damascus Middle School seventh-grader Elijah B. loves to ride his bicycle on the Virginia Creeper Trail.  At one time in his life, he might have been one of the most fearless of riders, speeding down the trail from Whitetop Station to Damascus at a breakneck pace, with no worry at all for safety.  However, at this time in his life, his attitude toward safety on the trail has completely changed.  He still loves to ride fast, but as the youngest member of the Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area-Virginia Creeper Trail Bike Patrol, his time spent on the trail is now focused on safety for himself and all other riders on the trail.  In fact, he recently received a certificate of appreciation for his volunteer efforts on the Bike Patrol.  Elijah plans to continue working to help make the Creeper Trail a safer place for bikers, riders, and walkers, a job that is necessary to the large number of locals and tourists who use the trail for recreation each year.