Damascus Middle School Students Awarded in 4-H “Share the Fun” Program

Damascus Middle School 4-H members held their annual “Share the Fun” talent program during their December club meeting.  Twenty-five members performed acts in one of the following categories:  dance, drama, instrumental, variety, or vocal.  Blue ribbon winners were as follows:  Karleigh D., James D., Zoe E., Katherine G., KayLeigh H., Claire H., Haley M., John M., Carter N., Athen S., Noah S., Dustin S., Lexi W., and Jonathen W.  Other participants were as follows:  Tristan A., Angelina A., Donivan A., Raelin B., Harper C., Skye H., Tahlor M., Maggie M., Lauryn M., Amanda S., and Molly T.  The 4-H “Share the Fun” talent program builds self-esteem, communication skills, and creativity, while giving members a chance to show off their special talents.  Blue-ribbon winners may represent Damascus Middle School at the county competition in March.