Damascus Middle School Students Cheer Each Other On

On Monday, August 26, students, faculty, and staff at Damascus Middle School gathered in the gym for our first pep rally of the year, led by our newly-formed cheerleading squad!  Coached by Ms. Crystal Dalia, the cheerleading squad includes Baylee D., Lacy H., Hannah M., Lacie M., Abby P., Seciley Q., Sophie S., Ashley S., Skylar W., and Savannah W.  During the pep rally, SCA sponsor Ms. Amy Caywood introduced the volleyball team, as follows: Maddie A., Allysa B., Sydney B., Riley C., Angel C., Emily H., Lacy H., Courtney J., Shaydun K., Shaylee M., Hannah M., Destiny N., Maya O., Jaycie P., Lucy R., Lucia W., Pearl W., Emily C. (manager), and Cash W. (manager).  They are coached by Ms. Carolyn Foster-Doss and Ms. Kelly Heaton. After the cheerleaders performed an energy-filled routine and led students in cheers, Ms. Caywood introduced the football team, including Carson A., Josh B., Elijah B., Caleb C., Cole C., Gabe F., Bryson F., Luke G., Colton H., Tristan H., Alex L., Israel P., Landon S., Hayden S., Levi S., Boone T., Josh T., Lance T., Noah T., and Zack W.  At the end of the pep rally, students in the stands were on their feet, cheering for their classmates, and getting pumped up for the first football and volleyball games of the season!  Go Cavs!