Damascus Middle School Students Learn About Students in Haiti

Students at Damascus Middle School recently received an opportunity to learn about students in Haiti by participating in a project sponsored by the Student Cooperative Association (SCA).  While Haiti seems worlds away from our community due to its desperate need for clean water, food, and schools, among other things, it is less than 1,400 miles away in distance. On Wednesday, March 6, DMS principal Mr. Scott Keith shared his experiences working with students in Haiti—providing them with food and clean drinking water; building classrooms, desks, and mobile chalkboards; and giving them hope for a better future through education.  DMS students were interested to learn how even an amount as small as $10 would provide a salary for a teacher for an entire week of education for children in Haiti.  To help students learn more about the need for schools and other structures like bridges that can withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, and the high water of the rainy season in Haiti, library students were given KEVA Plank challenges in their classes.  After watching a clip from Dream Big: Engineering Our World, students used wooden blocks to construct bridges that were structurally sound, just as engineers working with Bridges for Prosperity built bridges in Haiti to enable people to reach school and medical and food supplies. Through this activity, DMS students realized how they could utilize their own skills and resources to improve lives of students just like them!