Damascus Middle School Students Learn How to Check the Facts

On Friday, August 30, Damascus Middle School students traveled to Abingdon High School to attend an informational session presented by MediaWise.  According to their website, “MediaWise is a groundbreaking digital literacy project that aims to teach 1 million teenagers — half from underserved communities — how to sort fact from fiction online by 2020.”  Using examples from social media and other online sources, the representatives from MediaWise demonstrated how misinformation is everywhere, but students can fact-check what they see online, using various strategies.  From reading laterally, to employing sites like Snopes, to using Google’s reverse image search, students learned tools and tips from MediaWise that will hopefully make fact-checking a part of their everyday life.  MediaWise also challenged students to consider joining the team, getting paid to check facts!  A special thanks goes to Dr. Wendy Davis, assistant principal at Abingdon High School, who coordinated this wonderful opportunity for Damascus Middle School students!