Damascus Middle School Students Rewarded for Attendance

As Damascus Middle School continues to focus on improving student attendance to meet new state accreditation guidelines, faculty and staff met with students on Monday, January 7 for the second quarter incentive prize drawings.  Of the 217 students at DMS, 63.8% had missed two or fewer days during the second quarter!  These students were entered into a drawing for a total of thirty-one prizes, ranging from free Pizza Inn cheesebread, to a $10 Walmart gift card, to Pinnacle 12 movie tickets, to a Holston High School hoodie.  The following students were rewarded for their excellent attendance: Erica A., Emma B. Raelin B., Cole C., Baylee D., Colin D., Anthony D., Connor F., Gracie F., Gabe F., Holley G., Emily H., Jared H., Claire H., Eva M., Shaylee M., Sadie M., Hayden M., Evie M., Lacie M., Justin P., Bailey P., Jaylee P., Maddie S., Alex S., Mattie S., Brack S., Brady S., Rylee S., Victoria T., and Bailey W.  All students with perfect attendance for second quarter received an Abingdon Cinemall coupon for a free junior popcorn!  Principal Scott Keith encouraged students to continue their efforts to be at school every day, as these “good habits will carry with them throughout their lives!”