Damascus Middle School Students Write with a Purpose

Seventh-grade English students at Damascus Middle School recently read Will Hobbs’ Downriver with teacher Mrs. Lisa Blackburn and student teacher Mr. Mikiyas Legesse (Mr. L).  Upon finishing the novel, students wrote persuasive letters to a movie studio suggesting that this wonderful book be made into a movie.  Their letters were convincing, as they described the life lessons about friendship that could be learned from the story.  Many students also mentioned the money the studio could make because of the action and adventure of the storyline, perfect for a teen audience!  After the students completed their persuasive letters, they wrote personal letters to Will Hobbs, sharing with him how Downriver impacted their lives.  One student writes, “I’ve now realized that in my life, I will be faced with some pretty big choices to make.  Your book has taught me that I need to think my decisions through.  If I happen to make a bad choice, it could change my life.”  These heartfelt personal letters will be submitted to the Library of Congress Letters about Literature Writing Contest.  Regardless of the outcome of the contest, it is obvious that Downriver affected these students in a very positive way!