DMS 7th-Graders Create a “You’re Not Alone Chain”

Students in Mrs. Blackburn's 7th-grade English classes recently created a "You’re Not Alone Chain" which was inspired by their reading of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  In the play, the ghost of Jacob Marley drags a large chain around, which serves as a reminder of all the times he put himself first, shutting out others who could have been a part of his life.  Marley regrets his choice to be alone, and the play shows how much happier our lives are when we choose to share them with others.  To create the chain’s links, students wrote down whatever was worrisome to them on slips of construction paper. Then Mrs. Blackburn took the pieces of paper and stapled them together, forming the chain. The purpose of the chain, which stretches down not just the entire 7th-grade hallway but also hangs down the 6th-grade hallway, is not academic, but rather emotional. It is there to show us that, as the name suggests, we’re not alone with our worries. It provides comfort for those struggling by showing that others are going through rough times as well, and that we are all in this together.