DMS Assistant Principal and Teacher Partner Up to Teach Math

Ms. Joy Munsey, Damascus Middle School assistant principal, and Mrs. Melissa Childress, sixth-grade math teacher, attended the Principals Partnering to Face the Challenges of Effective Mathematics Instruction and SOLs professional development workshop at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center on January 17 and 18.  The workshop was led by Dr. Betti Kreye, Clinical Associate Professor of Mathematics Education with the Virginia Tech School of Education.  Principals worked with one lead teacher from their schools to explore the new standards and to discuss how to implement effective instructional strategies to develop mathematical discourse.  Participants also looked at ways to use high-level tasks to engage students in their understanding of mathematical content.  Mrs. Childress, with guidance from Ms. Munsey, incorporated number talks, one of the recommended instructional strategies, into her curriculum this past week and saw great success in her classroom.  The sixth-grade students worked well collaboratively to come up with multiple strategies to problem solve.  They also enjoyed discussing the various thought processes they used during the open-ended questioning activities.