DMS Chorus Exploratory Class Takes Us “Around the World”

On Wednesday, September 20, Damascus Middle School’s sixth-grade Chorus Exploratory class presented their culminating program, which took the audience on a trip “around the world.”  The students opened with the traditional Native American song “Go My Son” about the importance of education to the Native Americans, went “south of the border” with the peppy “La Cucaracha,” and moved “across the pond” with an English ballad.  After traveling to Africa with “Take Time in Life” and Australia with “Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree,” the group concluded with “I’ve Been Everywhere,” a fun song celebrating a variety of travel destinations!  Directed by Mrs. Sue Spirup, the chorus class was composed of the following students:  Madison A., Allysa B., Hayvan B., Deitrick C., Brady D., Bailey P., Maddie S., Dominic S., Rylee S., and Lucia W.