DMS Eighth-Graders Create Coca-Cola Commercials

During the past few weeks, students in Library Media classes at Damascus Middle School have completed a media literacy unit in which they have learned the history of the Coca Cola brand and analyzed various Coca Cola commercials for the persuasive techniques used within.  One of the commercials the students analyzed was the 1971 “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke” commercial, in which singers from around the world sang from a mountain top in Italy.  Tying in this slogan and their World Geography standards, students then chose a world landmark, researched the types of Coca Cola products sold in that country, and created a mini marketing campaign, consisting of packaging, slogan, and a commercial for their product.  Student Madeline Statzer and her father, who works for Coca Cola, donated products for “taste-testing” and use in the commercials.  Commercials were filmed using the green screen.  Librarian Mrs. Valerie Cox worked with librarians Mrs. Jessica Buchanan (VMS), Mrs. Lisa Henderson (GSMS), and Mrs. Jennifer Ramseyer (WMS) to develop this unit plan.