DMS Sixth-Graders Go on a Blind Date…with a Book

On February 14, Damascus Middle School sixth-grade students had the opportunity to go on a blind date, just not quite the kind of blind date one might typically think of on Valentine’s Day!  After beginning their library class with a review of the genre of realistic fiction, librarian Mrs. Valerie Cox read an excerpt from Gary Paulsen’s Crush, in which the narrator Kevin shares how he set an unsuspecting girl in his class up on a blind date with a complete stranger.  Students discussed the definition of a blind date, and then one “lucky” student was selected to put his/her trust in Mrs. Cox and his/her peers, as we set him/her up on a blind date.  As Mrs. Cox shared adjectives to describe three different “dates,” the student and his/her classmates selected the perfect date for him/her!  Unbeknownst to the student, Mrs. Cox was actually describing three different books, not people!  After the student chose his/her match, he/she was “introduced” to his/her date by a classmate and then checked the book out.  A special thanks goes to Caleb C., Rylee S., and Pearl W., our trusting participants in Blind Date with a Book!  May we use their example and get to know many great books because we are willing to give them a try.