Cavalier Chorus Singers Participate in All-District Chorus

The Cavalier Chorus of Holston High School and Damascus Middle School was proud to send five singers to the District VII Choral Event on Friday and Saturday, February 14 and 15 at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center.  The event was supposed to take place the weekend prior, but area-wide flooding forced event planners to postpone it.  Despite the schedule change, the Damascus area was well-represented at the event.  Singers Bernadette M., Deanna A., Connor B., Lucas L., and Jessica L. spent weeks beforehand preparing the music for All-District, which consisted of several intense hours of music rehearsal on Friday and Saturday.  Students who attended All-District had the opportunity to learn beside singers from all over Southwest Virginia under four different guest clinicians.  After only a short time together, the four "mass choirs" performed their pieces in concert on Saturday afternoon.  Mr. Fore is extremely grateful that his students mentioned above were able to experience this incredible musical gathering.