Wifi Access Points

Outdoor Wi-Fi is available at HHS, DMS, and RVES. 
  • HHS - Mounted on the gym near the boy's locker room entrance and covers the student parking lot.
  • DMS - Mounted on the front corner of the building where the buses load and angled to cover the teacher parking lot.
  • RVES - Mounted about halfway down the main building and angled to cover the parking lot and track area.
Any school-owned devices like our Chromebooks and laptops should connect automatically just as they would from inside the schools.  There's also a "WCS Guest" network that anyone can connect to with any wireless device by going through our Click-To-Accept portal, which will come up automatically when they connect.
All access, whether school-owned or guest, will go through our firewall and web filters.
Note: Students can use any of the schools, it doesn't have to be the school where they attend.  If DMS is closer to a HHS student, he/she can use it instead.