Book Club

What began as a simple opportunity to read a book together has turned into a friendly competition! Maryn M. is the unofficial leader of the club, and he has worked with the other club members to develop a reasonable timeline for reading the book. On Friday, September 3, the Hunger Games Book Club members competed in their first challenge. For each chapter read, the members received one chance to hit an apple with an arrow, just as Katniss Everdeen does in Chapter 7. Librarian Valerie Cox provided the apple, the weapon (a kid's plastic bow and arrow set), and the prize. After a fierce contest, Levi P.’s shot glanced off the apple to win him the prize, a bag of gummy Lifesavers. Payton L. was in second place with her close shot. Jacob H., Maryn M., Chloe R., and Autumn S. all put forth their best efforts! A special thanks goes to Riley S. for retrieving the arrows and to Coach Ratliff for acting as an impartial judge!