Damascus Middle School Gifted Students Participate in a Pumpkin Petri Dish Project

Pumpkins were cut up into medium size pieces which were placed inside homemade petri dishes, "Ziploc bags." Students will place these bags in different locations in their homes for the next month. Location examples include the refrigerator, kitchen counter, attic, basement, windowsill, porch/patio, and two random places of the student's choice. Students labeled the bags and will use the chart they were given to record any growth of mold/bacteria for the next four weeks. Students made predictions about the amount of growth expected based upon the location. Students were asked to record their findings, answer discussion questions that went along with the project, and take pictures of the results to email to the Gifted Coordinator, Rhonda Mossholder. Findings will be shared at the next meeting where students will continue their unit of study on bacteria by conducting bacteria samplings around DMS. Students were also given a medium size pumpkin to decorate that describes a DMS teacher or their favorite subject.  These decorated pumpkins are due in one week and will be on display in the office.  Students enjoyed a  treat of Halloween cookies at the end of the meeting.