Damascus Middle School’s SRO Connelly “Attacked” by K9 Officer Quinn

Students were very excited to have the opportunity to meet K9 Officer Webster and handler Josh Gobble and K9 Officer Quinn and handler Tanner Graham, but they may have been more thrilled about the prospect of witnessing K9 Officer Quinn bite SRO Connelly! Officer Graham and Officer Chris Spurlock began the demonstration by sharing the various pieces of equipment the Washington County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team uses for their work, including a bullet-proof shield, sledgehammers, and other items used to gain entrance to a building, if needed.

Officer Spurlock set a trail for Webster, a bloodhound, who specializes in tracking criminals or a missing person, while Webster made his rounds getting lots of attention from the students. Once his vest was on, however, Webster went to work with the help of his partner Gobble, and easily tracked the “criminal” Spurlock. The demonstration concluded with Officer Graham introducing the students to K9 Quinn, a Belgian Malinois with lots of energy and a huge desire to bite! SRO Connelly was the “criminal” this time, and their interaction was a crowd-pleaser. Officer Graham explained how Quinn was trained to follow his commands to go after a suspect and to bite in a safe location on the suspect’s body. This was a wonderful demonstration by Officers Gobble, Graham, and Spurlock and K9 officers Quinn and Webster, representing the Washington County Sheriff’s Office! Damascus Middle School is also thankful for SRO Connelly and all he does for the school each day!