DMS Students in HHS Musical

Ms. Megan Mitten is in her first year as Choral Director at Damascus Middle School and Holston High School. One of her goals this year was to present a musical, and after a lot of work by Ms. Mitten, collaborative pianist Pam Myhill, voice coach Larry Myhill, theater consultant Christine Mitten, and a small but very talented cast and crew, Godspell JR. was performed on April 14 and 15 at Holston High School! Three Damascus Middle School students were among this wonderful cast. Eighth-grader Maryn M. performed the roles of Narrator, Player, "Learn Your Lessons Well" Soloist, "All Good Gifts" Flute Soloist, and "Light of the World" Soloist; seventh-grader Phoebe P. performed the roles of Narrator, Player, and "We Beseech Thee" Soloist; and seventh-grader Lydia R., performed the roles of Narrator, Player, "Day By Day" Soloist with sign language, and "Learn Your Lessons Well" Soloist. This musical was a joy to watch and provided these students with a marvelous opportunity to showcase a variety of musical skills! Hopefully, Godspell JR. is the first of many future performances by these students and their director!