A man shakes a student's hand and gives her a certificate.

Members of Damascus Middle School’s eighth-grade class celebrated the completion of their middle school years on Friday, May 19. SCA president Payton L. welcomed her classmates, their families, faculty, staff, and other guests. Many students were recognized for outstanding academic and athletic performance, character, leadership, and service throughout the program. Principal Kevin Worley presented the Citizenship Award to Caroline W.; Mr. Joe Preston presented the George Hall Award for highest grade point average and SOL scores to Autumn S.; Mr. David Matlock presented the Justin Foundation Horizon Award to Landon P.; and Mrs. Debbie Anderson presented the V.T. Rector Memorial Scholarship to Brody T. Having begun their middle school experience learning from home during a pandemic, this group has shown resilience, perseverance, and adaptability throughout their time at Damascus Middle School, and they will be missed. Best of luck to them as they begin their high school careers!